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I‘m a devoted wife, educator, spontaneous adventurer, grace giver, animal snuggler, and enthusiastic coffee and ice cream lover! My husband Jared (who you’ll hear a lot about) is my best friend, first and only love! My absolute favorite place to be is snuggled between my husband and our sweet pup Atlas (who you’ll also hear a lot about)!  Being an entrepreneur and dreaming up new creative ideas are vital to my soul.  Most days when I’m not taking photos or dreaming up new ideas you’ll find me with my hubs and pups day tripping the CA coast line, working on our mediterranean inspired garden and trying out new and creative international recipes in our kitchen!

My photography style is real, timeless and authentic. I am in love with capturing real authentic love stories! My desire is for you to look back years from now at your wedding photographs and remember this special day exactly as it was a day full of love, life, light, laughter and maybe even a few happy tears.